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The Guiding Principle of McCarty & Co. is to enhance the work of nonprofits and individuals with a desire to make a contribution to their community.

Our clients benefit from services designed to help them achieve their mission and vision, demonstrate impact to community stakeholders, and maintain long-term sustainability. For individuals interested in serving on nonprofit boards or exploring the nonprofit sector as a career, McCarty & Co offers a program designed to align their skill sets and increase their knowledge of nonprofits and their culture. The program will help them identify nonprofits that align with their areas of interest, meet their goals, achieve their purpose, and activate their passion.

A proven leader in the nonprofit space.

Ellen is a proven leader in the non-profit space. For five years, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with her in a unique, yet strategic relationship. During this time, I’ve watched Ellen effectively scale a national program model within the Atlanta region, fundraise, steward and leverage funding to drive sustainable impact, as well as, recruit/develop a team of high functioning professionals and a strong, working regional board - all in an effort to meet significant community needs. Ellen’s expertise and dedication make her a true asset to our collective community.

Quinntez Gurndy, Senior Program Manager
Community Health, Kaiser Permanente


McCarty & Co has over twenty-five years of executive leadership experience in the nonprofit sector. The company brings the added value of Ms. McCarty’s community board and volunteer involvement and deep relationships on a local, state, and national level. From these relationships and years of boots on the ground, a collective understanding of Metro Atlanta, key influencers, and the importance of a multi-sector approach when addressing community issues, emerged, providing valuable insights and understanding.


We envision a world where people come together to advance nonprofit missions that create resilient communities, transformational leadership and enable people to thrive in pursuit of a shared vision.


Our roots run deep in the nonprofit sector and we draw on those experiences daily when working with clients. We share the disappointments, the lessons, and the extraordinary successes that have resulted from those lessons. We commit to work hard on your behalf, to listen to your goals and aspirations, and to offer you the best consultation we can provide – even if it means passing on the job if we can’t deliver. Integrity is always front and center.


We understand that more than ever before, it is critical that successful nonprofits demonstrate their ability to operate as a “business with heart” while effectively articulating their impact. Our team can help you figure out how you are going to raise funds, scale your mission, recruit and retain qualified staff, and ensure your programs are sustainable with measurable outcomes and demonstrated impact amidst time constraints and competing priorities.

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