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Nonprofit Storytelling

Are your staff and board directors able to share your nonprofit’s story with passion and conviction, painting a picture that leaves a person wanting to learn more and ultimately support your mission?

Much like crafting a strong grant proposal, sharing your nonprofit mission and impact through storytelling is a powerful tool to connect with your audience. Nonprofits often have a lot of competition and at a moment’s notice must be able to clearly and succinctly share their mission, the need the organization is addressing, and the impact their services provide to the recipients and community. It is an opportunity to go from “ain’t it awful” to “tooting your horn.” It begins with a problem, follows with a solution, and concludes with impact. It often involves a call to action and is always told with passion.

McCarty & Co. draws from its rich experiences shaped over decades of storytelling to help nonprofits bring their stories to life. By honing this essential skill, nonprofits can drive donations, achieve their strategic vision and engage stakeholders to be a part of something
uniquely profound and transformational.