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Collaboration and Planning with External Partners

Has your nonprofit formed strategic alliances with external entities to problem solve social issues, leverage resources and drive local impact on a larger scale?

Community collaborations are key to tackling critical social issues that confront communities daily. Successful partnerships empower nonprofits, funders, businesses, individuals and communities to create impact and healthy, thriving communities.

Nonprofit funders and stakeholders are increasingly expecting nonprofit leaders to establish short-term as well as robust and enduring alliances with other entities to increase community impact . The need to operate outside a “silo” can firmly establish a nonprofit as progressive, responsive to other innovative ideas and a community leader.

Effective and successful collaborations consider internal and external environmental factors, a clear vision of the change they are seeking, the resources and expertise each party brings to the table and the potential to affect social change through a partnership.

McCarty & Co. will guide you through a process to determine the type of strategic alliance that makes sense for your organization. We will help you successfully develop partnerships that create “win-win” situations and attract decision makers in the nonprofit, government and private sectors.