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Workshops and Professional Training

Do you have gaps in skills and expertise that can be addressed through professional training?

Nonprofit leaders know the value of creating a culture of continuous learning especially in today’s fast paced and rapidly changing environment. Successful nonprofits have to be nimble and responsive to ever changing needs and new challenges. Professional development is a proven way to build the capacity of the board, executive leadership and staff to meet its goals and advance the mission.

McCarty & Co. has a long track record of leading professional development workshops and training for a myriad of organizations including nonprofits, colleges and universities, foundations, government agencies, and small group sessions. After listening to your needs and goals, we will create a customized training that will engage, empower and ultimately, create a roadmap for success for your organization.

The following list represents a sampling of the most popular workshops and trainings.

Customized Board Retreat / Board Development

  • A framework for boards to assess their current functionality
  • “Toolkit for Success” ensures directors have the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to maximize and leverage their board service

Boards of Excellence

  • Best practices for high performing boards
  • Proven strategies to transition a mediocre or low-performing board to a board of excellence
  • “Ready, Set, Go” Plan of Action to strengthen current board functions

Grant writing, Reporting and Management

  • Write a grant that stands out above the crowd
  • Showcase your impact to attract donors
  • Tools and strategies to effectively manage a grant

Releasing Your Fear of Fundraising

  • The cultivation highway and how it can alleviate your fundraising fears
  • Staff and board roles in fundraising
  • Fundraising ideas that engage and inspire

Systems Theory and Why It Matters to Your Nonprofit

  • Systems theory as a framework to achieve organizational goals
  • Why systems theory matters
  • Putting systems theory into practice

Building Robust and Enduring Donor Relationships

  • Donor stewardship to inspire and build loyalty
  • Donor relationship management strategies
  • Donor centered relationships

Building and Maintaining a Culture of Playfulness in the Workplace

  • How a culture of playfulness can enhance the work environment
  • Best practices to create a culture of playfulness
  • The evolution of the workplace environment

Understanding the Nonprofit Universe and Creating a Toolkit for Success

  • What it means to be a nonprofit
  • Nonprofit classifications and types
  • Putting your passion and talents to work for a nonprofit