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Are you using a development plan to guide your fundraising efforts?

Do you know the number one predictor of fundraising success? According to the Individual Donor Benchmark Report, it all comes down to creating a compelling and comprehensive nonprofit fundraising plan.

A successful fundraising plan requires thoughtful and deliberate planning and action steps. Knowledge of how much money you need to raise to offset expenses is the first step in building your annual fundraising plan. From there a series of activities including an in-depth review of existing funders, previous year’s successes and gaps, and activities to attract new donors and retain and upgrade current donors, is needed. A carefully crafted plan will identify fundraising goals that are realistic and achievable with corresponding tactics for each activity.

McCarty & Co. can provide the technical assistance and experience your nonprofit needs to develop a comprehensive fundraising plan that is doable, easy to articulate, and sets your development staff up for success. Let us put our expertise to work for you.