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Do you wonder if a nonprofit career is right for you?

Do you find yourself wanting to work for purpose but wondering if you can make a decent living doing so?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then allow me to help you. As a seasoned nonprofit professional who “morphed” into the nonprofit sector by virtue of designing programs for vulnerable youth, I know firsthand the questions you have. I had them too. I also know how to separate fact from fiction.

To assist you in determining if a switch to the nonprofit sector or a nonprofit career would be a good “fit” take a few minutes to complete this Assessment Tool. I will review your responses, schedule a brief phone meeting to provide feedback, and provide recommended services to booster your candidacy.

Myths about the nonprofit sector are often perceived as truths. How do you know if a nonprofit career is right for you? Can you have a thriving career with a nonprofit? In this series, we will explore a couple of common myths about nonprofit employment and separate fact from fiction. Let's dive in.